Ways to Alter the Light Bulb within a Casablanca Ceiling fan

Casablanca builds the “world’s best ceiling fans”, according to the business motto. Whether or not they can be the best may be a matter of opinion, but one can not argue that Casablanca doesn’t create high-quality ceiling fans. Casablanca ceiling fans use halogen bulbs; and a few more safety measures really should be taken when shifting the bulb.

Flip the light change off prior to starting. This may assure your basic safety. Hold out a few minutes to enable the bulb cool off, if it had been turned on not long ago. Halogen bulbs generate extra heat than incandescent bulbs.

Switch the glass dome counterclockwise a number of inches to maneuver the the locking tabs away. Make use of a phase ladder if necessary. Established the dome down within a secure area.

Twist the halogen bulb counterclockwise until eventually it really is unscrewed from the socket. Discard the bulb.

Insert the substitute halogen bulb. Keep the bulb by its base; don’t hold it because of the glass. Transform the bulb clockwise until eventually it really is protected.

Raise the glass dome into location. Transform the dome clockwise till the 3 locking tabs are aligned.

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