Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze 74-in Twin Breeze outdoor ceiling fan

Harbor Breeze 74-in Twin BreezeI really love the amount of air that runs from this unit. It is quite easy to put up, although I would suggest you to start by putting the fan blades on, before you attempt to hang it, because I tried fixing them in when the fan was in place, and that gave me quite the headache. It is otherwise a very good system, and I love every moment I spend under it.


Harbor Breeze 52-in Merrimack

Harbor Breeze 52-in MerrimackI wanted a coastal look on my deck.  I found this fan in one of the stores and it was very attractive.  I bought the fan and continued to mount it on the rear patio deck.  Although, it was tricky to install the fan, I figured out how to install it and it looked splendid. It took me much longer to install it than any other fan that I have ever purchased.

Harbor Breeze 52-in Freeport

Harbor Breeze 52-in Freeport“I really thought this was a nicely designed fan so, despite the three negative reviews I had read; I decided to purchase and install it anyway.  I am very happy with the results and so happy I bought this fan.  The airflow is greatly on its medium speed and I have not had my blades fall off.  I love the tropical design so it suits my lanai area just perfectly!”

Benefits of outdoor ceiling fans

Outdoor ceiling fans adds more cozy and comforting ambiance to your outdoor living space while providing you a cool and gentle breeze during sunny days and summer season. This makes a more enjoyable and fun time for your friends and family.

With its highly picturesque style, this all weather outdoor ceiling fans are a great option if you want to add more beauty and sense of style to your patios, gazebo, covered porch or any other outdoor area you have that needs cool air. It is also highly functional and cost-efficient, making it to be a great deal.

Tips for Buying An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Like any ceiling fans in other categories, outdoor ceiling fans also vary in designs. Different styles with different uses, so you have to choose the best pick to have the best buy.

Outdoor ceiling fans are made to meet the environment conditions of a damp and wet area. Damp rated outdoor ceiling fans are best used on damp locations but not directly exposed to rain and extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, wet rated outdoor ceiling fans are specially made to be durable enough to bear the wet conditions like snow or rainfall. A wet rated ceiling fan is the appropriate choice if you want to install it in uncovered areas where rain and moisture is a direct contact such as a gazebo or uncovered patio.

Deciding on the size of the ceiling fan to buy depends on the size of the area you want it to be installed. Bigger space needs bigger fans.

You wouldn’t want to miss the chance of buying a ceiling fan that will complement the style of your outdoor space. There are a lot of styles to choose from to perfectly match your demands. Amazon offers a lot of choices. Note that most outdoor ceiling fans are at sale on Amazon that often comes with free shipping. So take that opportunity to save you from hassle on shipping costs and charges.

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