Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans

For quite some time, Monte Carlo had provided its customers a vast choice in buying ceiling fans. Its popularity is growing as it is more preferred for households and commercial establishments. Monte Carlo produces different styles of ceiling fans from traditional up to the understated implying a resilience quality. Whatever setting or demand you have, Monte Carlo surely has something for you.

The vast variety of Monte Carlo ceiling fans embraces the categories of transitional, natural, traditional, ornate, contemporary, high performance and outdoor. Under the natural category, ceiling fans are made with varying attractive animal patterns and natural materials. On contemporary category, they are designed to meet the modern setting while maintaining a classical touch. It also comes in an inspired and modern trend. Traditional design offers a classic look that matches any furniture in your house. Moreover, Outdoor Monte Carlo ceiling fans can be installed in wet or dap locations.

Surely Monte Carlo does not only appear to be a brand that have pretty appearance but also it provides its customers quality for life products. It has its fans installed with an amazing noise-free operation motor that consists of a triple capacitor. The motor also comes with sealed bearings for maintenance free operations. Monte Carlo only uses the best quality materials and advanced technology on their manufacturing process. Yet often times, good quality comes with great price. Monte Carlo may be quite expensive than the other brands, every cent of the money you will be spending is truly worth it. You will be purchasing yourself a quality for life ceiling fan.

Customer Reviews:

For years I was used to having ceiling fans at $250 price level. I risked installing this fan since it’s alluring. I had it in our master bedroom and upon using, it gave me a good impression. For just about $120, this product operates like those that costs $200+! It is well built and indeed had good quality. However there are minor issues that I found out. First is that the ceiling fan tends to wobble at high speed setting and secondly, it’s not perfectly silent. But the noise is bearable, not a big problem. You can still sleep peacefully.

There are also 2 pull-chains that dangle from opposite side of the fan. You cannot see this in the pictures. The ceiling fan uses a 75 watt halogen. Being enclosed in a frosted-glass fixture, the light it produces is just right but not as bright as a 3-bulb fixture may produce.

Monte Carlo uses half an inch diameter down-rods that cannot be purchased anywhere which means you have to get it from them, of course Amazon has it. The commercial size is one inch in diameter.

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