Low Profile Ceiling Fans

If you consider shopping for low profile ceiling fans, the best thing to keep in mind is the CFM rating of the fan since this type of fan is poor on this matter. CFM or cubic feet per minute implies airflow measurement. Low profile ceiling fans are installed very close to the ceiling, much closer than standard fans. Due to the closeness, airflow is restricted, creating less air. However this can be solved by providing higher speed motor and specialized blades that will create more air movement.

The close clearance between the fan and ceiling will also result to wobbling and swaying of the fan since the air produced will bounce back to the fan’s blades. These issues must be addressed with advance engineering methods.

Some companies address this problem by minimizing motor size and flatten the blades. It effectively reduces the wobble effect, but at the same time, drastically reduces the amount of airflow. That is why you have to look out for the CFM rating. A ceiling fan with at least 5,000 CFM rating is already of good quality.

Since EPA knows that most of the Low Profile Fans produce only a little amount of air, they do not require the manufactures CFM ratings. However, they strongly require this for standard ceiling fans.

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