Hunter 25517

Hunter Summer Breeze is an Energy Star certified ceiling fan that is great for the whole year. It complements your decor, cuts the expenses, operates quietly, and can endure for ages. It has a 52-inch five-blade style that is suitable for bigger rooms. You can install it promptly. It even includes a 3-inch down rod with 3/4-inch diameter.

Moreover, Hunter ceiling fans are energy efficient, which makes their high performance ideal for daily use. Competitors might assert that their products also have energy efficient motors, but the fans also produce less air. They also sacrifice the quality of the blade pitch and the blade surface area, which diminish the efficiency of their products. The great thing about Hunter is that the ceiling fans are made from quality materials. It includes a unique motor that is best for expelling heat and promoting air movement.

I bought two Hunter fans (25517) to replace the existing ones in our living room and master bedroom. One of the fans was installed in the bedroom. The installation went according to the manual, and the process was flawless. On the other hand, the second one was more challenging. At first, I was able to perfectly assemble and hang the fan on the ceiling. However, I learned that the protecting mounting holes are not threaded while I was in the process of setting up the control mechanism on the fan. This happened after I detached a 6-32 screw into the mounting disk. The installation process became more difficult and compelling. The quality of this particular fan is very disappointing. I hope that this does not reflect the quality of other Hunter products and models.

We have Hunter fans at home. This is an amazing product, but this specific fan was very problematic when it comes to its parts. I had to hire an electrician to install the fan in the bedroom since this is a new installation. However, he cannot find the hardware went he looked for it inside the box. Moreover, my experience with contacting Hunter was a disaster. The contact numbers indicated in the instruction manual and parts list were all incorrect. When I finally found the correct contact number, I had to wait for 30 minutes to talk to a live representative, only to get a disconnected call. In addition, even though the person that I have talked to was able to get the parts that I ordered and shipped, he was not customer friendly at all. I thought the worst was over, but when the electrician returned, we found that two sets of screws were not available. This meant that I had to go over the frustrating experience again, and it was just as bad as the first one. The representative told me that a set of screws was on the last order. This means that I would not able to use my fan, because there are no blades! They shipped an alternative type of screw, and the electrician had to go back for the third time. I was able to use my fan after a month.

Hunter needs to improve its customer service, and to conduct quality control on the printed material and packaging. If you were able to find all the parts in your package, then such a product you can choose.

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