How to wire power to a ceiling fan

For people with electrical skills, flowing electricity to a ceiling fan will never become a serious problem, but when you are not one of these people, you can simply follow these steps:

a. Turn the power off at the place you are going to work. You may need to use a tester to check whether there is still flown electricity to the room or not.

After checking, go to the nearby electricity outlets and remove the cover using screwdriver, followed by the outlet. Examine the wires and disconnect them, then remove again the outlet. Save it for later

b. Using a crowbar, pry the plastic box away. Take another large and pry screwdriver and have any staples removed, followed by the box. Don’t worry about the romex cable, let it hung loose. Now, take fish-tape and insert it into the opened box. When this finished, you should get a 48-inches point over the floor by running upward in the wall.

Now, make a place for the new switch box by cutting a hole using drywall saw. Take electrical ape and use it to attach romex cable to the tape. Pull the cable down to the previous outlet place. Now, you should attach the cable using a hammer to the stud, with a staple into the wall. Then, take the cable and insert it into the back of the new box. Remember also to re-insert the wire we removed at the first step. After completing this, have the new box installed for the outlet. Do this by simply placing the box in the cutout you make and don’t forget to tighten any screw. By doing this, you will have anchored wall which will secure the new box. At this point, you should not install any light remodel box because it will hook the black wires and connect it to the gold screw, silver screw with white wires, and ground screw to green wires. It will become a huge problem.

c. Now, at the wall, make a cut-out. Take your chisel and hammer to notch out deep cut. Make it into 2×4 material. You will use this to lay the cable after installation.

Now, near the ceiling joist stud, make a hole. Then put the cutout in the place using stud finder. Then, take the fish-tape and insert it. After completing this, re-run the Romex from the hole to the switch box. Then, you should install the switch box and make the cable secured. Then, have your fan box installed. You should push the fan up through the hole to do this, also making some extended arms and tighten it with some nails. You may also need some drywall cuts to get to ceiling joists. Well, hook the switch box.

d. Turn the power on and test the wiring. Finish the drywall. Patch, mud, tape, sand, and finally paint it.

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