How to measure ceiling fan blades

Whenever you want to replace your ceiling fan blades, you should measure them first. Measurement includes measuring the diameter of a fully-assembled fan. Even when measuring the correct amoung of your fan blades requires previous diameter measurement of 2 blades i opposite direction. Other products, such as five-blade fan, even require a specific point, usually center point. This point will be used to increase the accuracy of a measurement and to get information about the exact blades diameter which will be used for blades replacement.
In order to measure your ceiling fan blades, please follow the steps below:

a. Turn your fan off

b. Measure the diameter of your fan blade from the tip of a blade to the tip of the another blade in opposite direction

c. Take your five-blade ceiling fan and measure its diameter by doubling the size you get from measuring the radius from the center of the fan to the tip of one blade. This is because this type has a center which separated two oppositional blades, unlike ceiling fan.


You will get replacement fan blade value after measuring the diameter of your fan blade from one blade side to the next one (circle size of the entire fan). Keep in mind that the range varies from 24 – 60 inches from a tip to another.

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