How to lubricate hunter ceiling fans

Among its products, Hunter Original Fan is the only fan from Hunter which needs to be lubricated. They had produced this fan since 1906 and stopped the production a years ago. If you have one of these products, remember to always spread unused newspapers or even sheets of paper on your furniture and floor to protect them from oil.
Follow the simple steps below to lubricate your Hunter ceiling fan:
a. Find the pipe cleaner and measure ? inch from its end, then bend it 90O.
b. From the previous bend, measure again another ? inch and make another similar angle in order to make a hook
c. Now, take the hook and insert it into the fan motor, pass it over the switch housing, and finally the reservoir for the oil.
d. Locate the housing (usually at the center) at your fan, beneath the blades.
e. Take the pipe cleaner and remove it. Remember to have the end of the pipe cleaner checked.  At this point, you may need extra oil to beadded to the fan it there is still no oil left at the pipe cleaner.
f. Take 1 oz tube of your fan oil and add it into the fan, but make sure to cut the tipp off before doing this. Add the oil by placing the tube precisely inside the special hole made for oil above the motor. Make sure that you have made the oil flown and finally filled the whole reservoir.
g. Check and check the oil level again by simple re-insert the cleaner into the reservoir.

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