How to connect lights to a ceiling fan

Most people today love both simplicity and function. Almost in every occasion, people are searching for products which offers them both simplicity and function, including in ceiling fan. Today, people are not only looking beauty and freshness they can get from a ceiling fan, but also another point they can combine with the fan so it can increase both the value and its function. One of the adjustment is a simple combination between light and ceiling fan. Most products in the market have both of these already installed, but there are still some products sold separated. When you bought these separated products, just follow the steps below to connect light to your ceiling fan.

  • a. Turn off the breaker which supplies power to your ceiling fan
  • b. Find the switch housing cap and remove it by simple unscrew it. You can find the housing below the blades of your ceiling fan
  • c. Find the knockout plug (usually at the center of the previous cap) and push it out. Thread the nipple and wires from the fan through a hole you can find in the switch housing cap. Remember to thread all the wires and make sure you do this through the locknut. After that, secure the fan light by screwing onto the cap (nipple).
  • d. Find other 2 wires (inside the housing): light kit and white wire.
  • e. Take the white one and connect it from the fan to the same wire from the housing. Twist a connector (orange wire) onto both wires to do this. Repeat this to connect light kit wire (switch housing) and the black wire from your fan. After completing this, take the cap and replace it onto the housing by simply screwing it.
  • f. Now, release the ceiling fan canopy from your ceiling by screwing it. Find 2 connected black wires along with a connector (orange wire). Remove the orange wire.
  • g. Find the light kit wire from the motor of you ceiling fan and then connect both of the black wires to it using a connector (red wire).
  • h. Put the ceiling fan back to the hanging bracket at your ceiling and finish the steps by turning the breaker on.

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