Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze 72-in Slinger

Harbor Breeze 72-in SlingerThis is one of the best fans I have ever seen or used!  The design is beautiful and the fan control is of high quality.  I absolutely love it.  Even though it was my most expensive fan purchase to date, I do not regret it at all.  I have no complaints since installing it 30 days ago.  It is amazing.  The installation was a bit difficult because of the size of the fan blades.

Harbor Breeze 52-in Calera

Harbor Breeze 52-in CaleraI spent time researching excellent reviews before purchasing two fans with 24” down rods.  Once both were installed, I have to say that I am quite disappointed.  The down rods were not compatible with the fan base – the rod has threads to screw into something but the base was not threaded. Instead, it required a pin to connect to the down rod.  The down rods, which Harbor Breeze claims are universal, were actually much smaller than the base entry point.

Harbor Breeze 52-in Tilghman

Harbor Breeze 52-in TilghmanOur family thought of buying an outdoor fan for our covered porch. We bought one and realized that it was cheaper than any other fans available in the market.  Its price was very reasonable considering its style and performance. It was simple to install and fast, because of the simple instructions printed in the manual. It makes our porch looking very stylish. Its short down rod was too good for a slanted porch roof.

If you want to add more beauty and appeal to your home, you can put up Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans. Their ceiling fans are designed to meet any interior style. It makes your room more beautiful while creating a positive airflow in your house.

Adding an additional touch to your home might cost you a large amount of money. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are much cheaper than any furniture. It not only gives you comfort but as well as a beautiful view of your house. People will easily notice your new fan as it stands out among others or blends with the design.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can be purchased from stores or even online. Although you can select from a wide variety of styles online, it is best to see the ceiling fans yourself so that you will have that hands-on feel of what you might be getting.

Prices of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Most ceiling fans create an exquisite and luxurious appeal making people think that they are expensive. But you will never really know unless you see it for yourself. Ceiling fans vary in style and at the same time vary in price. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are actually cheaper than what it appears to be. Although they are cheap, that doesn’t mean it is made up of substandard materials. Harbor Breeze assures its customers quality for life products at affordable prices.

Ceiling fans are designed to be installed indoors as well as outdoors. Due to environment changes on outdoors, this type of ceiling fan is quite expensive. But with Harbor Breeze Outdoor ceiling fans, they do not have much gap in price with indoor ceiling fans. Yet some indoor ceiling fans can also be used outdoors. You just have to take carefully note the specifications of the fan as well as the possible conditions of the space where you want it to be installed.

It does not follow that because Harbor Breeze have cheap price, there quality is also cheap. Not all of their ceiling fans are cheap, to say. There is also a number of ceiling fan styles that range from $40 to $100. While catering the budget of average customers, they also provide extravagant ceiling fans for the elite. There are some that are about $500 in price, but that is surely made of very high quality and detailed craftsmanship.

Harbor Breeze Springfield 52 ceiling fan review:

We have an old Hunter fan and my wife decided to replace it with this. The light fixture of this ceiling fan is candlelabra bulb. Since it consumes a lot of energy we decided to replace it with CFLs. But the lights are flickering so we called the manufacturer and gave us a replacement kit. To our dismay, same issue happened. The manufacturer then said that we couldn’t possibly use CFLs on this product. Unless you have lots of money to spare to, you can settle with this. But hey, think of it again about the effect it will cause the earth. I then wondered, I thought all are switching to CFLs now.

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