Harbor Breeze 74-in Twin Breeze

I really love the amount of air that runs from this unit. It is quite easy to put up, although I would suggest you to start by putting the fan blades on, before you attempt to hang it, because I tried fixing them in when the fan was in place, and that gave me quite the headache. It is otherwise a very good system, and I love every moment I spend under it.

This fan is similar to the one I had bought some time back at Lowes. I had wanted the same model, but I do not regret landing on this one instead. The double fan feature makes it effective over a huge area, and it can work just as well in large rooms. The looks are amazing, and most of my guests spend a lot of time gazing at it.

The images of this fan that are displayed online give you great expectations for its size. I was surprised at how small it appears at hand. The catalogue also says it has oil brushed bronze finish, but it is darker in appearance.  The airflow is not impressive, and the whole unit looks plain and cheap. Although the price for the unit is reasonable, I am never buying another unit from this make.

I just love how the system has small pictures of different levels of light you can choose. My wife and I bought the unit to install in our back room. The room is narrow and long, and the reversible blades come in handy. It is a cool addition to the room. The airflow can be a bit too good, especially if you are working with papers in there. The downside I find with it is how the light is blocked whenever the fan passes over it. This makes it seem like strobe lights, which can be a bother if you rely on the light.

The design of the Twin Breeze II caught my eye when I was in my local Lowes store. I bought it on impulse, just in case it sold out before I had one.  The installation process seemed easy enough to me, and anyone with basic assembling skills can do it.  It is beautiful and impressive to look at, and the airflow is outstanding. I would only criticize how one does not have the option to adjust the angles of the fans independently.

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