Harbor Breeze 72-Inch Slinger Fan

“This is one of the best fans I have ever seen or used! The design is beautiful and the fan control is of high quality. I absolutely love it. Even though it was my most expensive fan purchase to date, I do not regret it at all. I have no complaints since installing it 30 days ago. It is amazing. The installation was a bit difficult because of the size of the fan blades. It was tough to attach the wires after the fan was mounted. It is meant for a large room, so make sure you consider it. The fan runs so quietly; you hardly notice it is on. One problem I did have was the remote for this fan and my other Harbor Breeze fan use the same frequency, so I had trouble figuring out how to change that without any instructions. If you have trouble with this, too, let me know and I can guide you through my set up steps. Thanks Harbor Breeze, for such a great fan!”

“I was specifically looking for a large fan, so I opted to purchase this one. It is huge! It is strong and solidly built, though. The breeze is strong, so you do feel it, but I would have liked a bit stronger breeze. My experience has a few pros and cons, as seen below.


It is easy to install, the blades are light, and it seems to be solid constructed. The fan is very quiet, and it does provide more airflow than any other fan I have tried.


A stronger airflow would have been my preference. I could have used 2” less on the rod for my 92” ceiling. I find the glass enclosure rather ugly, and the price was quite high considering this aspect. Options for different light and fan switches would be great – both are controlled on the remote, which I do not like. It doesn’t take a standard light bulb, but the one it requires is only $10.”

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