Harbor Breeze 52-in Tilghman

Our family thought of buying an outdoor fan for our covered porch. We bought one and realized that it was cheaper than any other fans available in the market. Its price was very reasonable considering its style and performance. It was simple to install and fast, because of the simple instructions printed in the manual. It makes our porch looking very stylish. Its short down rod was too good for a slanted porch roof.

I need my patio to be airy. I went to Lowes and saw that this fan was on sale. So I thought of buying it to match the looks of our outdoor. Installation was easy and it makes the area beautiful. Be happy to buy one again if needed.

I love comparing how a product performs what they claim. In addition, this is it. It looks good to enhance our rattan furniture. I had it installed in our patio. It has a tropical effect, which makes the patio look fresher. It includes rubber washers, which make the fan stable and quiet during its performance. There is no such a fan like it.

We had an old and damaged Harbor Breeze fan we bought 10 years ago. We have searched every store in town just to look for another of this kind, because we know it definitely matches all the other fans we have. It ran so silently that we did not notice to be switched on. However, I think we installed it almost near the ceiling and it did not give air, but the light that goes together with it was so nice. Hope someone could help us do something about it.

The person who installed it for me said it was easy doing the job. So I can say that he really got it set up fast though the wiring were tangled inside the housing and that’s where he took some time. Overall, there is no regret having bought it for $88, because of its great look. Hope it will last for long.

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