Harbor Breeze 52-In Merrimack

I wanted a coastal look on my deck. I found this fan in one of the stores and it was very attractive. I bought the fan and continued to mount it on the rear patio deck. Although, it was tricky to install the fan, I figured out how to install it and it looked splendid. It took me much longer to install it than any other fan that I have ever purchased.

I switched the power on and found the lights sparkling. I could not make sure the problem, so I left it like that. Fortunately, when I held the light switch downward, the lights brightened up and became stable. I proceeded and turned on the fan and the lights turned to full brightness.

While doing my research, I had read many reviews and people were complaining that the fan is noisy. In addition, true to their words, when I turned the fan on, I paid attention to the loudest vibrating I have ever heard coming from a ceiling fan. I thought the humming was going to rip off the ceiling. I immediately checked all the screws and found all screws intact. The humming was coming from the motor area of the fan.

It is two months since I bought this fan. The main drawback with the fan is that it does not put out enough amount of air. When I sit directly under it, I usually do not feel the breeze. When I move over 15 feet from the fan, the breeze is usually very faint and sometimes you do not feel the breeze at all.

Another setback is that, I cannot switch the light off when the fan moves. This makes me use the lights even I do not need to. I have noticed that the light also alters brilliance when I turn on the fan or change the fan’s speed. The change in brightness levels of the light also changes the humming noises. When the lights are very blight, the humming sounds are very loud and they usually become annoying.

Another disturbing thing is that there is humming even when the fan is completely turned off. I think the humming is because of an electric fault.

I just cannot put up with the many problems. I have to return it to the store. I do not think I will ever purchase a fan similar to this one; therefore, I cannot even consider a replacement.

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