Harbor Breeze 52-in Calera

“I spent time researching excellent reviews before purchasing two fans with 24” down rods. Once both were installed, I have to say that I am quite disappointed. The down rods were not compatible with the fan base – the rod has threads to screw into something but the base was not threaded. Instead, it required a pin to connect to the down rod. The down rods, which Harbor Breeze claims are universal, were actually much smaller than the base entry point. Because of the misplaced screw positioning on the down rod and the base, the rod cannot be centered so the fan wobbles a lot during its operation. We could not fix this with balance trouble shooting either. If you were to install it with the 4” down rod it comes with, this Harbor Breeze fan would probably be a nice fan and work great for you. Beware if you need to install any add-ons.”

“I have been looking for an outdoors fan to place on my patio and decided to check out Lowes. My day was made when I found out the fan was on sale, too! I chose a fan with a light kit and the weathered bronze finish. I am very happy with my purchase, and it is so nice to feel a breeze while enjoying time on my patio. With a Lowes credit card, I even saved an additional 5%!”

“We were looking for a new outdoor fan to replace our 13-year old screened porch unit and found the Harbor Breeze 52-inch fan. It fits the space perfectly, and the price was just right! The stylish finish gives our porch a modern look and creates a great place to relax. The fan is quiet and so far, we are happy. We have only had it installed in one week so I will have to wait and see how well it stands up over time.”

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