Hampton Bay Savona 52 Ceiling Fan

Offering classic decor and a stylish design, the Hampton Bay Savona 52 ceiling fan comes in a bronzed, weathered finish. This fan displays Tiffany glass holders surrounding pan-style light fixtures, giving off a warm, hospitable glow. With its five blades, constructed with durable plywood, the Hampton Bay Savona 52 will provide the amount of airflow desired using three different speed settings. This fan can be set to reverse airflow to adjust temperatures.

“We found that having three different speed settings was perfect as we had a choice depending on our situation. We placed this fan in our dining area and were happy that the light’s highest setting was exactly what we had hoped for this area of our home. The fan arrived perfectly balanced and looks wonderful on our 13’ ceiling. We would recommend this fan to anyone looking for a stylish piece at a great price.”

“I am so pleased with this fan! My online order was delivered as promised. We had to involve extra tools and scaffolding to install this fan on our 18’ ceiling, so it took us a bit longer – 3 hours – than typically suggested. We are thrilled with the light ambiance and the look of this fan in our home. The stained glass gives off a warm glow, making our hallway inviting for guests.

The light bulbs are hidden from sight by the design and the fan is very quiet, even with all 3 settings. We especially love the reverse fan feature for our climate. We were able to introduce a 36-inch down rod to work on our high ceiling. The fan is 32 pounds, so it takes a couple of people at least to install it, and a metal install is necessary to hold the fan’s weight. We read some of the online reviews of this fan before purchasing it, and many said that the light was not very bright. This is true, but it is perfect for our space. If you are looking for a fan/light combination reading, this would not be the best choice for you”

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