Hampton Bay Hugger 52

This low profile Hampton Bay 52 inches Hugger Ceiling Fan, is the perfect fit for low hung ceilings, and anywhere else where the room height has some safety concerns. The fan has reversible blades, maintains the classic white finish, which is well complemented by the bleach oak and white blade finish. There is a centrally placed frosted dome light fixture to provide illumination, but you have to install your own bulb. The unit has a high performance motor, which is effective and silent, giving you a piece of mind, even as you sleep.

Customer review

I had bought this fan for my own personal use, and so when my tenant requested for a ceiling fan, I knew exactly what to get her. The installation process was so simple, that I did it myself in a couple of minutes. The silence of the blades is surreal, that I am considering ordering the fans for all my tenants. The flat bowl design for the light is a great break from the fishbowl design, and your field of vision is not distorted.


My boyfriend helped my put up one of these. The installation seemed easy enough, though it seemed that the screws holding the outer motor were quite a task to unscrew. The instructions are not clear on how you are to loosen the screws, but they came off easily when the unit was in place, so a ladder is necessary. The screws are also made of soft metal, which makes them easily worn out by the screwdriver. The installation instructions could do with a good review, and it would not hurt if the screws were harder in making up than in loosening. Since the installation was done, there has not been a hitch so far. I am still enjoying the smooth and quite a breeze. This is a welcome break from the summer heat.

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