Flush mount ceiling fans

Due to the appearance when it’s been installed completely, a flush mount ceiling fans are also known as hugger ceiling fans. It lays flat against the ceiling making it ideal for low ceilings. It provides safety to its user. Ceiling fans are packaged with accompanying guides that tells how to properly put together its parts and how to install. You can always have a wide variety of designs to choose from so that the ceiling fan you will be buying blends to the style of your room.


The ceiling fan blades also vary in number and length. There are a three, four or five-bladed fans as well as slender, and short and wide ceiling fans. Most of them have a three speed control to fully provide the customers the comfort they want. It comes in low, medium and high speeds, suiting every season.

During winter months, it is sometimes inconvenient to use air conditioners. Aside from being too cool, it does not save you money on electrical bills. Ceiling fans had become popular now even during winter season. This is because it does a better work of circulating heat from the ceiling down to the ground especially if you have high ceilings. There is a switch on the fan that allows change in the rotation of the blades to alter air circulation. But it is advisable to clean first the blades since it gathers dust on the edges.


There are ceiling fans that have lights attached to it, some don’t. But other models have lighting fixtures installed and the customer can add light to it when desired. So the customers have the choice to buy a ceiling fan with or without a lighting fixture. Light bulbs that are compatible to the ceiling fan’s light fixtures can be bought at a single globe up to four.


There are a lot of ceiling fan styles available suiting everyone’s tastes. Ceiling fans comes in casual, contemporary, traditional and transitional. With all these styles, there’s just no way one won’t fit the interior design of your room. Victorian style fan uses its palm fronds for air circulation. There are also futuristic ceiling fans that blend with modern style room. Its blades is one of the key to have better design for it can be stained with different hues or made from different materials.

To better suit the need of the customers, special extensions are added to the package of most ceiling hugging fans. However, as the fan gets lower, it makes the fan sway a little. This is the reason why flush mounted ceiling fans are often preferred. With close distance to the ceiling, fans operates more quietly and no rocking.

Stores that offer flush mounted ceiling fans have a lot of selection. The width of the ceiling fan range between 42 and 54 inches. Prices also vary in terms of design, size and fixtures. You can find expensive ones that are really extravagant. Cheapest fans often don’t have light fixtures and its blades are short.

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