Casablanca ceiling fans

Casablanca C31U546B Holliston DC 60-Inch

Casablanca C31U546B Holliston DC 60-InchThis is the best of Casablanca’s creations. The DC fan is a high quality, looks beautiful, and is whisper quiet. Although, the fan is much expensive than AC fans, it is very cost effective, especially if you keep the fan on all the time.

The only problem I know with the fan is that you need to deal with an added light lit that is remote controlled. Since I found it hard to operate light, and sometimes displaced the remote. An extra wire I pulled through the fan and wired directly the fan light to the wall switch. This eliminated the need for the remote, which made it easy to operate the light.

Casablanca C45G11B Stealth DC 54-Inch Ceiling Fan

Casablanca C45G11B Stealth DC 54-Inch Ceiling FanThe purchase of the Casablanca Stealth DC – 54″ Model will cost you big bucks, but they have a lifetime warranty to protect your investment. Well, we found that out the hard way. After having our wallet set back for this buy, it did not take long for the unit to fail, and that is where our troubles began. Casablanca took us round and round on the warranty, giving us seemingly ‘rehearsed’ answers to every counter argument we had.

Casablanca C21G667H Whitman 54-Inch

Casablanca C21G667H Whitman 54-InchAfter researching for a fan, I found this one on Amazon and I felt that it is exactly what my family room needed. My wife was very thrilled to find it once I bought it. If my wife would have known about the price of the fan, I am sure we would not have purchased it. The fan was not very difficult to install, although the canopy plate took some time to line up. Once the fan was installed, it looked splendid and made the room look elegant.

Casablanca Fan Company 84G73D

Casablanca Fan Company 84G73DCasablanca ceiling fan 84G73D is a fan that is in its own class. It has teak blades, oil-rubbed bronze motor reversible dark walnut, and 120 watts down light. The fan is high quality and provides full value for your money.  Almost All models feature the exclusive canopy, Perma lock rods and Hang-Tru that simplify installation which provide improved appearance and solid performance.


Casablanca ceiling fans portrays superb craftsmanship. All about it, from its blades that are made with furniture-grade wood veneer t motor bearings that are carefully chosen, Casablanca ceiling fans offers far beyond its appearance. Quality construction and utmost attention to details signifies superior performance and life-long durability.  Consumers know this and Casablanca is that one brand that provides this type of products.

Casablanca stands alone in its approach to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of ceiling fans. We have made a long-term commitment to quality and invite you to compare the features of a Casablanca ceiling fan with any competitive product. Every detail is given meticulous attention – from design to components and manufacturing to ease of installation.  Casablanca’s attention to detail adds value to every fan, providing unprecedented performance for the life of your investment.

Casablanca’s lifetime commitment to quality makes them apart from their competitors especially in terms of product design, engineering and manufacturing. From the tiniest detail to the most obvious, Casablanca gives delicate attention to its manufacturing process, producing highly competitive ceiling fans which also comes with ease in installation.

Casablanca ceiling fan reviews

I was astonished with the fact that it can move a lot of air despite having only 3 blades. Judging its appearance, this fan is stunning. Yet I returned it somehow due to some circumstances.

The remote did not function well. It made me walk around my room trying to turn off the fan. Precisely, it does not function well beyond 6″. I bought this fan so that I can easily switch on and off the fan via wall-mounted switches as I leave and enter my room, and to avoid getting up in bed just to control the ceiling fan, I had this remote. But what actually happened was dancing with the remote. The fan only had one single wire, the black one that is in control of both the fan and light. The only way to separately control this two is by using the remote. Just imagine how troublesome it is. Other brands provide two wires, black and blue. The remote receiver is placed between the fan leads and the power on the switch. However, Casablanca incorporated this system into the fan itself.

I think I made a wrong decision on buying this fan for it did not suit my purpose. I was just o thankful that I received a refund from Amazon. Casablanca fans around $200 seem to be dysfunctional when it comes to other electronic devices. Some third party controls seem to be incompatible with the ceiling fan. I still consider buying Casablanca ceiling fans, although not at this price level anymore.


Casablanca fans really have amazing appearance and much better than the photo presented here. Other fans similar to this might cost you around $100 or even more. Of course we did a lot of research before buying to be able to have a good and right decision. I would love to post the photo of this ceiling fan on our home, if only I can so that you’ll know how beautiful it really is.

Talking about its functionality, its remote works well. It is effective in controlling the light and fan when I use it anywhere in my room. I don’t why someone had trouble with this. The light on the ceiling fan is a halogen light bulb. Supposedly, it should be bright but it seems to be low in wattage. Later did I know that the remote had a dimmer switch in it which lets you bright up the light up to 100 Watts. I figured this out a couple of days after.

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