Casablanca C45G11B Stealth DC 54-Inch Ceiling Fan

The purchase of the Casablanca Stealth DC – 54″ Model will cost you big bucks, but they have a lifetime warranty to protect your investment. Well, we found that out the hard way. After having our wallet set back for this buy, it did not take long for the unit to fail, and that is where our troubles began. Casablanca took us round and round on the warranty, giving us seemingly ‘rehearsed’ answers to every counter argument we had. Overall, they did their best to ensure that we were to pay for the repairs ourselves. Well, we finally wrote this off as a loss, and went ahead to buy a cheaper, and so far, more reliable fans. This review has been written to save anyone who heeds it, from the damages we encountered, and to have the Casablanca customer service more true to their word.

I have been an electrician for over thirty years. Using this fan has been a unique experience so far. There is no noise coming from the rotating blades, and the fan is very efficient when it comes to power consumption. The looks are amazing and always seem to catch the attention of my guests. The problem comes when the fan breaks down. The company claims to have a lifetime warranty on the product, but that is simply a marketing gimmick. They do not even help you in restoring the fan if it breaks down after just a week’s use. The company insists that I need to pay for the repairs, and my relief comes from the fact that I bought it through Amazon, who gladly took it back.

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