Casablanca C31U546B Holliston DC 60-Inch

This is the best of Casablanca’s creations. The DC fan is a high quality, looks beautiful, and is whisper quiet. Although, the fan is much expensive than AC fans, it is very cost effective, especially if you keep the fan on all the time.

The only problem I know with the fan is that you need to deal with an added light lit that is remote controlled. Since I found it hard to operate light, and sometimes displaced the remote. An extra wire I pulled through the fan and wired directly the fan light to the wall switch. This eliminated the need for the remote, which made it easy to operate the light.

I had to pay the electrician to make the connection, but the electrician did a good job for a little amount of money.

Since my master bedroom faces west, it gets uncomfortably warm, especially during the sunny days. With the fan now installed, we sleep much better and air moves perfectly. Although, our bedroom is tall (10 ft high), the fan cools air perfectly even at the slowest speed.

Other than working perfectly, the fan is also sealed, which ensures that you do not need to keep on lubricating it.

Finally, although the fan is expensive when compared to the big box stores, you get full value for your money. I am very pleased and have no complaints and I would recommend the fan to anyone.

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