Casablanca C21G667H Whitman 54-Inch

After researching for a fan, I found this one on Amazon and I felt that it is exactly what my family room needed. My wife was very thrilled to find it once I bought it. If my wife would have known about the price of the fan, I am sure we would not have purchased it. The fan was not very difficult to install, although the canopy plate took some time to line up. Once the fan was installed, it looked splendid and made the room look elegant.

One downside that I noticed with the fan is that after installing, the light refused to turn on. I called the company representatives who guided me in trouble shooting. The representatives also directed me to one of the best warranty services who sent service people to my house and replaced the faulty electronics. After the service people worked in the electronics, the lights worked perfectly.

What I like most about the fan is that the fan is greatly quiet and moves air nicely. When the fan is on, the room has very cool air.

The only complaint I have with the fan is the wattage of the light bulbs. The light bulbs do not give much light in the dark, which makes the room not to be well lit.

Casablanca fans are expensive but they give you full value for your money. The good side of it all is that Casablanca Company provides great support to all its customers. When the fan becomes faulty, you do not need to hire someone to repair it. All you need to do is to call the company and they will send you a technician who will repair the fan at no extra cost. This saves you $90 that is usually paid to the serviceman.

Overall, I am impressed by the Casablanca fan and I would recommend it to anyone.

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