Best ceiling fans

Here are two best ceiling fans available on the market:

Hunter 28700 Fremont 52-Inch 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan

Customer Reviews:

Hunter 28700I waited four days for this product to be delivered here in our house. The moment it was delivered, we assembled it and it took us approximately 2 hrs to finish. I have 2 of this fan installed in our master bedroom. Now, if you plan on installing a digital fan and light control, which needed a module to be put at the base that have to be installed in an upfront manner, be sure to have the dimmer on hand before you install the fan components.

I choose to purchase this Hunter ceiling fan because of its “quite” motor characteristic. I have lots of ceiling fan in my house (varying brands) and for that reason I decided to buy Hunter fans to replace 2 of them. Installation done and it’s time for testing. The fan worked fine but I don’t understand why the lights will not turn on. I then called hunter to ask but I was put on HOLD for about 30 MINUTES. Seriously, I can’t imagine I could wait in line for that long and it keep on advising me to leave a message instead, else wait for the next agent to be available. Before I burst out,

I decided to leave a message. I was waiting for 3 days for their reply but there was none. Then I decide to hire an electrician to do the work which cost me $199! Then it came to me that Hunter fans won’t work with old home wirings, mine was 1951. After 5 days I received a return call from Hunter and I was surprise the agent didn’t even bother to apologize for the delay. So you have to get yourself ready with Hunter’s terrible service. Its “quite” motor advertisement is indeed true, no complains on the fan. It’s just that you have to prepare yourself for the inconveniences when you plan on installing one on an old house. For bad service, I’m rating it with 3 stars.

Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze Ceiling Fan

Customer Reviews:

Hunter 25517 The color and lights on my living room already stands out so I decided to have a ceiling fan that blends into the ceiling. I bought this fan in a 3-speed in-wall control, without the light kit and chains. I installed it in a way that the white sides of the blends are down.

I had this fan for almost 4 months and since day 1 of use, there was no noise complain, completely silent despite of its high setting. This fan is just FAN-tastic! The clearance between the fan and ceiling is negligible – very close like no gap at all. It doesn’t wobble too. There were five new ceiling fans in my house. I can easily compare those with this one. Considering its performance and a low price, I love this fan.

This fan performs well but sad to say its blades can easily be broken. I’m 6’5” tall and my house is a trailer, try to imagine the setting. Occasionally I ran into it and then – blades break, really fragile. It made me buy a couple of replacement irons. I still have with me a couple of spare blades, you know, just in case 😉 Apart from that, everything is fine. In almost a year now, the fan provides me the amount of air circulation I just needed and it operates without noise, well except for some days.

However, this ceiling fan has the tendency to burn out during brown-outs. I think it’s because there is only about 50% of current circulating during brown-outs, so motor wirings burn-out easily. Well I suggest it would be less trouble if during brown-outs you instantly turn off the fan or else.

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