Ceiling fans

Last updated: 03.07.21

Ceiling fan designs range from simple to complex and is available in different style, sizes, colours and finishes. The type of ceiling fans now have evolved. From traditional ceiling fans to transitional, modern, contemporary and even outdoor fans, all customer preferences are catered. Traditional ceiling fans still remain to be the top choice. Aside from its stylish designs, it provides the customers up to 40% saving on electric bills.

However, ceiling fans must be carefully chosen according to your preference and your room’s interior design for it to blend flawlessly. Hampton Bay, Minka Aire, Emerson and Westinghouse are some manufactures that produce ceiling fans mostly of traditional style. They are simple and plainer than others, to note, some of them are even antique.

Minka Aire Traditional Ceiling Fans


Minka Aire is known for their home design ceiling fans wherein every detail of the design matches each other. All components of each of their ceiling fans blend well and cater to every individual’s taste. Minka Aire assures its customers that their products are of high quality, great functionality and at affordable prices. The traditional ceiling fans are usually in bronze, nickel, walnut and white. Colours like these create balance with the traditional designs.

Minka Aire’s most popular traditional ceiling fan is the Gyro. The fan comes in two sets of blades that are diametrically placed. If you want an old European touch to your room, Minka Aire has Classique. Another notable traditional ceiling fan is their Lizette. It is a pewter fan that has cherry wood blades. There is a lot of ceiling fan to choose from and with its quality Minka Aire is a great choice.

Hunter Traditional Ceiling Fans

hunterLogoWhen cars have BMW class, then ceiling fans have Hunter. Established since 1886, Hunter had built an outstanding reputation for years. They produce ceiling fans with unparalleled craftsmanship. Along with high quality and superior product performance, Hunter offers its customers all kinds of warranties. This frees you from worries. In fact, Hunter wouldn’t have a place in the industry if their products are not of high quality.

The traditional ceiling fans of Hunter have Quiet for Life warranty. This warranty offers a silent operation and a wobble free ceiling fans. There are also rust-free warranty and lifetime motor limited warranty assuring you that you have bought products that will last for years.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

HamptonBay_logoHaving been in the industry for about ten decades, Hampton Bay had produced top-class ceiling fans that addressed the needs of its customers. They had provided ceiling fans that were designed according to engineering and technological advancements. Traditional ceiling fans are the most outstanding ceiling fan style they produce.

Vintage fan, among the many traditional model of Hampton Bay, expresses sophistication and comfort with its 52-inch walnut and oak blades. Its polished brass finish and clean ribbed glass shades adds more vintage touch. Within the years of success, Hampton Bay had established a trademark on traditional ceiling fans where grace along with breeze radiates as mild lights illuminates your room.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor BreezeThe Harbor Breeze ceiling fan models are in line with conventional designs. For over 110 years in the business, they have mastered the art of making traditional ceiling fans that accurately meets the preferences of the different types of people as well as to every motif a room may have. There high quality ceiling fans are simple and have the ability to take you back to the early 20th century. Snugger models and Designer remote are just among the exquisite traditional ceiling fans of Harbor Breeze.

Tips Before Buying Ceiling Fans

In the case where you haven’t put a ceiling fan ever since, you can start by first identifying what place in your room do you want a ceiling fan be installed. Installing it at the center of the room provides more air circulation. The soft air in your room is scattered throughout the space that is why 80% of the customers settle on this. If you have a standard-sized room, one ceiling fan is enough. But if you have a bigger space, you might want to have two ceiling fans installed.

  • Second is to check out whether the ceiling fan has energy star qualification. Ceiling fans with this qualification are energy efficient, giving its customers energy savings.
  • Third, check for ease and comfort. If you have high ceiling, then it is recommended to choose something that comes with a remote control or wall control.
  • Fourth, you have to clearly decide whether you want a traditional ceiling fan that stands out of your ceiling or blend with your ceiling design.
  • And most importantly, choose a ceiling fan that is of good quality. While buying cheap ceiling fan saves you money, later you will find out that it will cost you more. Buy something that will last long. The cheapest fan you can find is about $10 while expensive ones are around $200. If only you will search well, you can have yourself an excellent ceiling fan that costs under $150.